Learn how to Boil corn on the cob, step by step with photos!

How to boil corn on the cob

Why are you reading about how to boil corn on the cob? How hard is it to boil water and throw in an ear of corn? Perhaps you just want to know how long to boil it? Maybe there is just one specific thing that you've forgotten? Well follow along with me and refresh your memory why don't you!

Boil some water
First find a pot large enough to hold all of the corn you will be cooking and let it begin heating up.
Fresh corn on the cob
Meanwhile take your corn on the cob...
Shucked corn
...and shuck it. Blasting water from the faucet onto it can be helpful in removing stubborn silk.
Fresh, clean corn
Yummy, clean, happy corn!
cooking by boiling
Once the water is boiling...
Corn on the cob in boiling water
Throw in the corn...
corn cob boiling
and cover. The amount of time to let your corn boil ranges from 1-10 minutes depending on how soft you want your corn. I like it reallllly soft, so 10 minutes it is!
boil corn on the cob
Remove from the water with tongs. Careful, these suckers are hot!
boiled corn on the cob
Dress as you see fit. I prefer salt, pepper and butter.
boiling corn on the cob
I like to roll my corn around on a big ole stick of butter and coat it so well you can't even see the corn anymore..
..and then apply a small amount of salt and pepper. Too much salt can be bad for you. :)

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